Our Sylt Road vineyard is located on 40 acres of beautiful land in the middle of the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan.  Planted in 2005, we have 10 acres of grapes with another 3 acres being prepped. Our Vineyard Manager takes great care to maximize our vine production while still using methods that are respectful to the environment.

The vineyard slopes across a broad hill that provides great sun angles while ensuring frost damage is minimized.  It’s situated on good rocky soil on top of limestone that gives our grapes a unique minerality and is located at a elevation on the peninsula that gives us one of the longest growing seasons around.

Nature always makes the call regarding how the vineyard is managed each year.  Vines are tended bi-weekly with meticulous fruit and leaf thinning to ensure just the right amount of sunlight is let through.  We’re also careful to maintain the right balance of crop load year-to-year to balance quality and production.  At the end of the season, it’s all of us who come together to make the call on when the vines are ready for harvest.