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2023 Blu Secco Sparkling Wine

2023 Blu Secco Sparkling Wine
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/ 750 ml
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Blustone Vineyards' Blu Secco is a beautiful light-bodied, sparkling wine, with a crisp and pristine profile. With hints of pear and citrus zest, it offers a truly refreshing experience. This versatile wine is perfect for crafting Mimosas and French 75s, and is a friend to all mannger of appetizers. Ideal for unwinding after a scenic hike or savoring a leisurely afternoon on the patio, Blu Secco is sure to enhance any gathering or quiet moment with its bubbly charm and finesse.

From our Bella Fortuna Vineyard, this delicious sparkling wine is made with Glera (Prosecco) grapes who've bathed in the Leelanau sun all summer! If you're a fan of the Italian version, grab a bottle of this acclaimed fan favorite while it lasts.

Vineyard Notes:

The 2023 growing season began earlier than 2022 but all our vineyards dodged a late spring frost that could've spelled trouble. Instead, it beame a banner year. Total growing degree days came in a mere 1% above 2022, but the heat came mostly during the heart of the season, when the days are long and the vines can make the best use of it. The big difference between the rainfall in '22 and '23, however, came in the number of hours we received rainfall: 60 fewer hours of rainfall, or about a 20% drop from 2022. That was a huge factor in 2023 turning in some of the cleanest, ripest grapes we've ever harvested.

2023 set a new record for tons of grapes harvested--and quality metrics were on par with the 2021 vintage, which produced outstanding wines from top to bottom. It wasn't uncommon for fruit to come off the vine between 21-22 degrees Brix and, for the most part, with pHs exactly where we want them.

Wine Specs
Leelanau Peninsula
Vineyard Designation
Bella Fortuna Vineyard
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %