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2022 Naked Chardonnay

2022 Naked Chardonnay
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/ 750 ml
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Blustone Vineyard's 2022 Chardonnay is an intriguing wine from the Leelanau Peninsula AVA that captivates from the first encounter. Its aroma is a complex fusion of nectarine, pear, kumquat, and freshly cut grass, painting a vivid picture of summertime abundance.

However, the initial taste diverges sharply from the expectations set by the aroma, revealing a wine that thrives on contrast. The Chardonnay's flavor profile is marked by a pronounced mineral sharpness and a refreshing acidity, reminiscent of the invigorating taste of a crisp, just ripe fruit. An undercurrent of almond adds a subtle depth, enriching the overall experience. The finish brings a final twist with notes of river stone and chopped parsley, lending an earthy freshness that completes the tasting journey with elegance.

The 2022 Chardonnay is perfect for both refined gatherings and casual outdoor moments like early summer picnics or as a post-hike reward. Its vibrant acidity and complex taste make it a great match for a variety of foods, from grilled seafood to herb-infused chicken or a hearty risotto. This wine's crispness slices through the richness of these dishes, while its rich flavors create a perfectly balanced dining experience. Ideal for any setting, this Chardonnay elevates the occasion, blending sophistication with the simplicity of nature's backdrop.

Vineyard Notes:

2022 was a very traditional Leelanau Peninsula growing season at our Sylt Road Vineyard. Despite bud break being a few days late on May 17, our total growing degree days (a measure of how much heat the vines have to work with during the growing season which our vineyard team uses to gauge vine growth and grape ripening) was pretty much spot on our 5-year average. Total rainfall was as expected though the number of hours it rained was higher than normal. This meant constant supervision of the grapes to ensure proper management of potential Botrytis bunch rot.

Fruit quality metrics were exactly on par with sugar contents generally running between 20-21 degrees Brix, although the pHs were a touch lower than normal. Lower pH equates to a higher acid concentration in the wines, which we take into consideration when we make our finishing decisions to produce incredibly well-balanced wine.




Wine Specs
Leelanau Peninsula
Vineyard Designation
Blustone Estate Vineyard
Stainless Steel
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
90pts – 2024 Michigan Governor's Cup Competition
Gold Medal, 2024 Michigan Governor's Cup Competition | Silver Medal, Texsom International Wine Awards